How to Create a Google+ Business Page | Google Plus Brand page

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Dec 4, 2017

Here is the Step by Step guide to create the Google Plus Business Page for your Business / Company / Organization or Website. We all knew that we can create a Google+ Business page for our Business or Company or Organization or Website. But now Google My Business no longer automatically creates a Google+ page for your business when you create a Google My Business listing. You have to Enable this separately.

Update: 31st October 2017

Google My Business has confirmed that enabling a Google+ business page will no longer be available. Users will need to now create a G+ Brand page for their business on Google+.

How to Create or Enable a Google+ Business Page
  1. Log into your Google My Business account
  2. Go to My Accounts dashboard
  3. Select the business you want to enable a Google+ page for
  4. Google+ page is now created and connected to the Google My Business listing.
  5. Fill in the business profile.
Step by Step Guide to Enable Google+ Page for Business

Log into your Google My Business account.

Go to My Accounts dashboard.

Selecting the new account brings up an empty Google+ page with some featured pages and trending posts. The user needs to select Enable G+.

Select >> Edit Profile, this opens the About section. Add a Tag line and Introduction to your business. If you had not added a logo and header image previously, this can also be added.

Complete your business pages profile.

The G+ icon is now enabled in your Google Business Page dashboard and you can navigate from the Google My Business dashboard.

If you are going to create a Google+ business page, then I would recommend keeping it active. There is nothing worse then an empty social media channel for a business. Googlebot also reads, understands, indexes and caches your posts on the Google+ page if they are posted to public.